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Letter from Natural Nannies CEO/ owner 

I grew up caring for others. It is said that I could change a diaper at three years old. Babies fall in love with me at first sight. As a child, instinctively, I knew what a baby or toddler needed. My mother said once that “I understood their language.” My aunts and mother and even father were childcare providers in their past. I feel it is hereditary. Being a nanny is part of my history, consumes my current life and defines my future.  My love for my work is clearly received by my clients.

My first job was as a mother’s helper. When I was older I became a sitter and finally in High School I worked in my grade school’s daycare. After graduating from a film school I returned home where I was reintroduced to the nanny world in San Francisco. After a year I helped start Natural Nannies with a friend. Over five years ago, we decided to become a business. Currently I own Natural Nannies, manage a strong, talented group of women, am constantly growing and view this company as part of my future.

My greatest satisfaction as CEO and Owner is to see my nannies/mannies succeed beyond their expectations within the company. Natural Nannies is dedicated to creating a method that uses hands-on ideas with child development practices. All of my nannies are required to receive training in infant care, working with toddlers and supervising pre-school children.  I want to give my nannies tools that could be used in any field.  My passion as a nanny and owner is to help families find a nanny to fit their family.  When my parents make a choice, my desire is that they feel fortunate to have chosen our company. We continue to ask our families for feedback, which helps our nannies, grow.

Our future dreams as a company is to open our own daycares and preschools. In these settings we can have a place where children come to learn and experience their world.  I believe I can make a difference in the lives of children. I have the skills, the desire and the natural ability to help them. I learn from the children I care for and pass this knowledge on to others. I am passionate about assisting our nannies and families.  I am following my dream!


Anastasia Conrad

Owner of Natural Nannies, LLC