Find a Nanny

How do I request a nanny? 

Requesting a Natural Nanny is easy. Simply click on this link to our Family Application  or email us at or call us at (415) 839-5310 and we will send your family all the necessary forms. It's that easy.  

When can I expect to hear back from Natural Nannies after making a request?

Monday through Friday, we will confirm your request as soon as a nanny becomes available.  Requests posted on Saturday or Sunday are not always processed right away and may take one or two business days. Please call (415) 839-5310 for a last minute request and leave a message.

How can I request the same sitter for multiple dates? 

Families always have the option of requesting their preferred nannies.  At Natural Nannies, we do our best to provide the same nanny for multiple dates and our nannies can usually accommodate multiple dates. Our families have found that the most reliable way to book consistent nannies is to form relationships with our nannies. This relationship will ensure the nanny is available when needed. 

What is the best way to ensure that I will get a nanny, especially on a frequently requested day? 

The more flexible you can be with your request, the better.  By being open to any available nanny rather than limiting requests to preferred nanny increases your chances of booking a nanny. We assure that all nannies are fully qualified to provide child care.

Pay rate

How do I pay my Natural Nannies? 

All Payments are processed and paid through our Square App on each of our nannie's and mannie's smart phones. The payment is made by credit card, cash, or check. 

The company takes 15% of every hour from that payment. 

Is tipping customary? 

Yes, but you are not obligated to.  The amount of tipping is at your discretion.

Do I need to pay for transportation? 

Only if the job starts before 8am and ends after 9pm. Due to safety issues, the client is responsible for the cost of a cab ride home. If the family lives outside of San Francisco, there will be a toll and gas charge as well as other possible transportation costs. 

Unavoidable events

What happens if my nanny that is scheduled to work is struck with a sudden illness, emergency or any other unavoidable event? 
In the event a nanny gets sick and cancels, we will check with your secondary nanny. If she is not available then we will call our other nannies as well. We promise to do our best to find a replacement for you. 

What if I scheduled a nanny to arrive but my child is struck with a sudden illness, emergency or any other unavoidable event? 

Sickness and emergency situations are unavoidable, therefore we do not charge for canceled jobs due to these reasons. We do have a policy that requests that you cancel within 24 hours before the job. In the event you have a sick child please notify us immediately. We have the ability to provide care for sick children with a $5 per hour increase. However, some sicknesses can spread quickly throughout our community and we do our best to limit the spread of unwanted colds, especially with nannies who work with infants and toddlers. 

What is the cancellation policy for families? 

Natural Nannies has a 48 hour cancellation policy.  Should you need to cancel within the 48 hour period please call us immediately.  There is a 50% charge, for non-emergency and on-going sickness related cancellations.

What should I do if my nanny doesn't show? Please call or text (415) 839-5310.

What if I am going to be late relieving the nanny?

In the event you foresee a late return, please call your nanny immediately. Many nannies/mannies maintain tight schedules or have personal plans. If the nanny doesn't receive a call then you will be charged $10 per each half an hour past the end time of the job.

FAQ for Families

How can we help your family?

Is Natural Nannies a right fit for your family? 

Natural Nannies is a childcare business designed for parents who are in need of customized childcare.  We build relationships with our families and our nannies/mannies and as a small business; our families get to know us and our nannies/mannies on a personal level. Being a part of Natural Nannies means you are a part of a larger community.

How is Natural Nannies different from other childcare services? 

Natural Nannies takes pride in knowing each of our nannies/mannies and families personally. We work hard to develop a sense of community throughout our business. Our personal commitment and high standards ensure a peace of mind among families.

Our company

Who are Natural Nannies and what are their qualifications? 

Natural Nannies are college students often working toward a degree in child care or teaching. They have taken courses in child development and have been supervised by experienced nannies. When you hire a Natural Nanny, you can be sure you have hired only the best childcare providers. All of our nannies have gone through an extensive application process including: 

  • Personal interviews
  • Multiple reference checks
  • Background checks including: criminal background check, national sex offender’s check and driving record check 
  • Trustline if requested by family

How can Natural Nannies save me time? 

Experienced families know qualifying and coordinating childcare takes a lot of time.  As an on-call childcare service, Natural Nannies saves families’ time.  With one phone call or quick email, Natural Nannies eliminates hours of phone calls and searching for qualified childcare.