Job Information

How do I get jobs?

Once you become a Natural Nanny, your schedule will automatically be placed on our call list. We believe in matching up nannies with families that have similar methods, philosophies and schedules. All Natural Nannies receive a call, text or email for available jobs.

Are all jobs in private homes?

No. We also provide our services at hotels, businesses and other organizations.  

How do I get to and from each job and where should I park if I have a car?

It is each Natural Nannies responsibility to get to and from scheduled jobs.  If you need parking, you must alert us ahead of time so we can make arrangements with the family. Once a job has been scheduled it will be your responsibility to make additional arrangements with the families.

If I take a job outside the area, will I be compensated for drive-time and any tolls?

Yes. Natural Nannies understands that gas, mileage on your car and tolls can add up to extra expenses. We make sure the client compensates you for your travel expenses along with your hourly rate.

How much will I be paid per job?

Natural Nannies requires a 4 hour minimum per job otherwise it would be a flat rate depending on how many children you provide care for. 

Our current rates are: 

$20/hour for one child, 
$25/hour for two siblings 
$28/ hour for three siblings. 

From that total, 15% will be paid to our company from every hour of the job. 

How do I get paid?

Natural Nannies families pay the nannies by credit through the Square App, which needs to be installed on your smart phone.

What if I am not paid correctly?

We act as your agent and will immediately contact the family for the remaining balance.  If we are unable to resolve the issue with the client directly, Natural Nannies will compensate you for your time.

Cancellation Policies

What if I need to cancel a job?

As a Natural Nanny, your commitment to confirmed jobs is very important to the success of the entire Natural Nannies family.  We respect our family’s need for reliability and in turn we depend on reliable nannies. Canceling jobs at the last minute is not a good reflection on you as a nanny, or on us as a company. Of course in the event of sickness, emergency cancellations or any other unavoidable events, please contact Anastasia as soon as you learn you need to cancel a confirmed job. We have secondary nannies to call if backup is needed.

What is the cancellation policy for families?

All cancellations must be made within 48 hours of a scheduled job to avoid our 50% Fee.

Will I be compensated for a family that cancels within 48 hours?  Will I be charged if I become ill and have to cancel last minute?

If you become ill or there is a last minute emergency, there is no compensation for either party.

FAQ for Nannies

How do I become a Natural Nanny?

To become a Natural Nanny please fill out our Nanny Application or email your child care related resume and at least 2-3 child care related references to: 

If we believe you have potential to be a good fit for our company, we will then call your references, set up a time to meet with you, do an extensive background check and schedule three shadowing sessions.

What is the shadowing process?

The shadowing process consists of three unpaid sessions with our head nannies. This will allow us to see your skills and interaction with the children.

What are we looking for in our Natural Nannies?

As a part of the Natural Nannies family, all nannies must have prior child care experience, convey professionalism at all times, be competent in required duties, have flexible schedules and must express a high degree of integrity.  Natural Nannies must be competent in: feeding, light meal preparation, tidy up, bathing, interacting with children, bedtime and of course play and exploration. 

Do I have to work a certain number of hours a week to stay with Natural Nannies?

Yes, you need to work at least one job a month. Of course the more you work the more you will be requested. Natural Nannies was designed for nannies that want to work in child care but cannot always commit to regular hours.  Natural Nannies make their own schedules and therefore are their own bosses.

Am I an employee of Natural Nannies?

No, all Natural Nannies are independent contractors.  We simply help you find child care jobs with wonderful families.