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Services & Fees​​:

* There is no registration or placement fee for families or nannies/mannies

​​* Natural Nannies LLC does not offer live-in  services

​​Natural Nannies gives a two week trial to both families and nannies to make sure it is the right fit. In the event that the nanny or family are not right for each other the secondary nanny will step in.
Any Change in weekly schedule needs 2-4 weeks notice or prepaid fee is made and is valid for three months.

​​​​​Company Fees

Hours per weekly care 

(15-25% of monthly compensation from Parents paid to company directly by Square, Cash or Check)

Hours per occasional care (15-25% of monthly compensation from Nannies paid to company directly at monthly meetings)

Weekly Nannies
$23-$30/hr. depending on the number of children per family*
Days off after 3 months 24 hours a year
Paid major holidays (Check Holiday List)
Paid Vacation 10 work days
Payment while family is away on vacation

Occasional Nannies
$25-$35/hr. depending on the number of children per family*

Paid major holidays

*Sick and holiday pay varies

Group Care
$14-$22/hr. depending on the number of children per family 

$25-$50/hr. Depending on number of children per event

Live Out
Full-time - 25-40 hrs per week   
Part-time - 3-24 hrs per week
Occasional - date nights, pta meetings, etc.  

Group Care
Play dates -  in home multi-family care
Birthday Parties and Event helper- indoor/outdoor parties
Other Special Events - religious holidays, company parties, weddings